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kilometers northwest of the city the historic Cu Chi Tunnels which played such a vital role in the war are another highlight TOI young unesco-listed Hoi An is a former merchant trading post famed for its beautifully preserved.

Architecture ancient cobbled streets and picturesque Riverside location the influence of past traders from Japan China and Europe is evident in Hoi An whose back streets are lined with large attractive merchant houses and pagodas today houyan is awash with art stalls and markets fabulous restaurants and cooking schools not to mention streets literally lined with tailor shops.

All catering for the towns thriving tourist trade nevertheless Hoi An still manages to retain its traditional character and charm and with pedestrian streets devoid of the usual cacophony and chaos of traffic coins quiet and relaxed pace of life adds to its effortless appeal [Music] the Mekong Delta the Mekong Delta in Southeast Vietnam is one of the worlds greatest river regions.

The Delta is a hive of activity and serves as a crucial transport and agricultural hub known as the rice bowl of Vietnam it has lush rice paddy fields and colorful fruit orchards enchanting villages and bustling floating markets life thrives on the Delta which is home to hundreds of species of animals and fish not to mention its human inhabitants.

Maintaining a very traditional way of life the locals have adapted well to life on the water traveling fishing trading and even sleeping on their sub bands and boats discover the magic of the mekong delta or the traditional sampan boat or travel and comfort on an overnight basic rice barge cruise and barter at the floating market in can go [Music] annoy known as the Paris of the Orient.

I know is the gracious capital and cultural heart of Vietnam located on the northern Red River Delta pine away is dotted with scenic lakes and leafy boulevards it is a city of fascinating contrasts where Parisians chic meets Asian figure brightly colored pagodas and crumbling th century buildings.

Stand alongside modern high-rises and grand French colonial style villas locals practice graceful Tai Chi in the parks while cyclos and mopeds weave dangerously through city streets age-old customs are retained in the winding streets and alleys of the old quarter and the citys French colonial legacy remains evident.

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