Lessons I’ve Learned From Wholesale Cbd

And suggest the recipe that you’d like to see me cook with marijuana also subscribe to Rafael studios we have lots of cannabis culture videos I’m sure you will enjoy thanks for watching and have a great day welcome to can of a six today we’re going to learn how to make cannabis infused sea salt chocolate caramels in order to make this recipe you’re.

Going to need wholesale cbd to grams of cannabis flowers or to gram of hash tablespoons of clarified butter or ghee cup of caramel pound of dipping chocolate you can find both of those at chocolate comm and also some sea salt which is optional when it comes to the cannabis that you can use you can use either or or both and I’m going to be using about a half a gram of cannabis.

Flowers and then also this half a gram of hash that was attempted to be pressed in a rosin press but it was kind of a failed experimented with the press of rosin but we’re going to salvage it in this recipe and when it comes to the caramel like I said before you can get that at chocolate calm or you can also make your own caramel and use any kind of caramel that you want but I like to use this because of a nice consistency and it’s easy to use of your.

Hands with and then as far as the chocolate I’m also using the chocolate melting chocolate or dipping chocolate bought it being dipping chocolate but you can use any kind of dipping chocolate now that we have our five ingredients together we’re gonna go ahead and get started with the recipe and the first step is going to be to set up a double boiler or you can use a small double.

Boiler if you have one if you don’t you can use a small saucepan and then you can take a small metal bowl or a glass bowl if it fits in the lid there and put it in there just make sure that you have plenty of space between.

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