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Can share data with each other but they shouldn’t have to depend on each other that’s one thing that I’m not too much of a fan about them so I mean if my inference that’s a form factor related you know.

The Ugly Truth About Precision OnlinePrecision Online

You can only do so much on the problem a watch but do you I mean I know there’s a lot going on in Precision Online Silicon Valley with the future of the way in which you know communicate I just wonder as.

A young person right you’ve Precision Online always been had a device like this right you’re your disposal but it seems to me that using our thumbs to communicate to these devices is doesn’t-seem to be.

The right way asking the question yeah so exactly is the future you know artificial intelligence that do you envision as an as a developer how are we going to communicate with.

Help You Become an Expert in Precision Online

These devices in the future well first of all let me just tell you our computers sort of power is not with Precision Online natural language it’s with math because of our humanity is better at sort of talking to people like.

We are right now not at sort of mass or live it would be harder for a human to do math but a computer can do math easier natural-language you can’t-do whatsoever and first of all in order to program in even asked anime.

It would take a lot of code and so what I can really think we the next I don’t know how many years it’s going to take a long time to get to the sort of really powerful questions answering systems that can answer with.

A hundred percent accuracy not even hey we could do that so Tama you’ve been using the internet for outreach and in building a community teach people than great.

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Easy Ways To Facilitate Nursing Home

Five F’s and anybody finds six there’s six F’s what two letter word ending an F did many of us miss love we’ll make sure to get this to you so you can torment your friends and family at a later date when I first was exposed to this over.

How Will Nursing Home Be In The Future

Years ago I only found Nursing Home three and I felt really stupid so I like to start every workshop every class I teach with this to pass that feeling I want no no that’s not that’s not why I do this I do this because this is a perfect analogy for.

What we’re going to be talking about today the vast majority of us in this room very smart people in this room were not as effective as we could have been in this activity we didn’t get it right and the same is true when it comes to speaking in public particular.

Understand The Background Of Nursing Home Now

when spontaneous speaking it’s little things that make a big difference in being effective so today we’re going to talk about little things in terms of your approach your attitude your practice that can change how you feel when you speak in public and we’re gonna.

Be talking primarily about one type of public speaking not the type that you plan for in advance the type that you actually spend time thinking about you might even create slides for these are the keynotes the conference presentation the formal toasts that’s not what.

Trends In Nursing Home To Watch

we’re talking about today we’re talking about spontaneous speaking when you’re in a situation that you’re asked to speak off the cuff and in the moment what we’re going through today is actually the result of a workshop I created here for the business school several years ago a survey was taken among the students and they said what’s.

one of the what are things we could do to help make you more successful here and at the top of that list was this notion of responding to cold calls does everybody know what a cold call is it’s where the mean.

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The History of Science Express

The top and bottom are like that over here the center is the same the top and bottom are like that and over here the top is like this and the bottom is like that or that okay so I’ve basically given you now all the combinations so now you become a tailor okay you take these objects and you stitch them together and in principle you should be able to do a lot I’m obese term.

Reason Why Everyone Love Science Express

I can do with the flat Science Express sheet of paper I don’t need to do anything else just take a flat sheet of paper turn it around and then lour I don’t need no the gummy if you I’m not sure what you mean whether there’s anything.

missing we have the elements now putting them together my suspicion is no there’s nothing missing we can do everything yeah basically that’s so that’s why.

Should Know Before Embarking On Science

I’m you know I showed Science Express you these because these are the basic building blocks and then you put them together we should be able to create any shape that’s the if there’s so I don’t have a theorem but I do have an intuition based on all the calculations.

That we have so far that you can do almost I think anything there are two questions in the back maybe from the young person yeah oh yes.

so I didn’t mention Akita Yoshiko was this giant who basically took origami who had sustained origami and then helped a lot of people today who work on the subject recent incarnation if you will of that spirits in Robert Lang Robert Lang is physicist from somewhere in California and he basically started out as I said in physics and then he became an origami.

scientist and origami artist and origami mathematician and so he’s written some very beautiful books so if you look at Robert Lang and origami you’ll find him and locally there is a mathematician and computer scientist at MIT called Remainder some of whose sculptures Actually showed you and and if you go this.


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